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Scholarships in Action

June 29, 2016

P.O. Box 1277
Madison, VA 22727

Dear Mrs. Beach:

I wanted to thank you for all of the help that I received from the Madison County Education Foundation during my first year at college. Being at college has meant that I have been able to expose myself to more diverse groups of people and it has also meant that I have been able to learn how to live and care for myself while also expanding my knowledge and love for the sciences. While attending a liberal arts college, I have also been able to see the connections of other professions and the importance of each one in every day life. I have a higher respect for others and I have developed leadership skills that I never knew I could acquire. I have also met some of the most amazing and influential people while attending Lynchburg College.

June 29, 2016Dear Madison County Education Foundation,Your scholarship helped me to afford all of the experiences…

Posted by Madison County Education Foundation on Friday, July 1, 2016